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July 13th, 2004 - K C O O C;

About July 13th, 2004

Layouts, oh my! 12:43 am
I just got done with presagement's new layout! 8D Featuring some official art, and the official manga cover. The manga rocks, btw, and if you haven't yet seen it, you can find it up for download at The Ansem Report. I hope you guys like it. Mucho thanks to my friend Adam for giving me space from his image host, since Photobucket was being really ghey and slow. And, of course, selphish for modding me for the day just so I can get the entries to look right. (which you won't be able to see because there are no entries at the moment..)

It should work for all resolutions, browsers, and 56kers. I'm not sure. If it doesn't, tell me so. I'll see what I can do.

I'll get started on chaosforsaken' layout tomorrow, which should feature more art from the manga (the Traverse Town chapter page), then off to spiff up my ninjayuffie journal. @_@
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01:47 pm
Ok. Here's my longwinded thoughts about FFX:

Everything that happened in both FFX & FFX2 happened. Totally. Up through FFX2's perfect ending.

Then, the world was destroyed. For whatever reason, and it honestly doesn't have to be explained, Tidus and Wakka fell through to Destiny Islands before the rest fell to Traverse Town. It could be that they were the youngest at heart, or that because they landed in Destiny Islands they ended up kids by default and lost their memories. The rest didn't, so obviously wacky fun will ensue there.

When the rest of the cast falls to TT, they retain their memories, as well as their age. I think it's something about DI that really clings to the children, as opposed to TT which seems to be more adults; at least in the first game. So Lulu, Paine, Rikku (yes, I know, loose definition), Gippal and LeBlanc all end up there.

Now, the dead people. We all know that in Spira, death is an INCREDIBLY loose term. I think that since the farplane is actually a physical place in Spira, the strongest souls survived, just as they did in Summoning Stones or as in the cases of Sora, Riku and Kairi in the first game. So Auron and Jecht just show up alive again.

Any thoughts? Most likely, I missed stuff. But I think that's a good place to start.
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02:33 pm
TONIGHT, 12 A.M. EST, presagement BEGINS!

*inserts cheering here*

Okay, before the grand opening, there's a few things I need to say:
  • Starting with your first post outside of your "test" entry, you are expected to cross-post all entries in your character journal to presagement and respond to posts/comments in the community.

  • All players are expected to roleplay in-character. As much as I'd like Selphie to discuss osmosis with Zell, it probably ain't happening. If we get complaints from other players regarding your ability to stay in-character, we'll have to have a talk with you. Please try your best to stay in-character!

  • The Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VIII characters have their own mini-plots. If you are character from one of the series and not familiar with the mini-plot, please contact one of the players from your specific game.

  • The Final Fantasy VII cast needs to explain how Aerith is still alive as well as how Cloud ended up working for Hades. I reccomend starting an OOC discussion in _kcoooc tonight to brainstorm ideas.

  • The Final Fantasy X cast needs to explain how Jecht, Auron, Tidus, Shuin, and Lenne are back, as well as how Wakka grew up on both the Destiny Islands and Besaid Island AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I reccomend starting an OOC discussion in chaosunbound tonight to brainstorm ideas.

  • If you guys approve, I'd like to nominate a "advisor" for each of the Final Fantasy games to explain the mini-plots to new characters and to make sure everything in the mini-plot is kept consistent throughout the game.

  • Everyone needs to make sure to keep their character's friends list up-to-date. The lovely handful has provided everyone with character list to be copied-and-pasted into the console. Also, please check to make sure you've added the new characters who have not yet been included in the list.
I have work this evening, but in between selling rooms and transferring calls, I'll be checking my e-mail for any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Thank you!
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Spam of the layout.. ness! 08:09 pm
chaosforsaken now has a layout up. Finally! LAYOUTS. ARE. FINISHED. *dead* I hope you guys like it. Image mapping is so awesome. Minor errors, but I hope you have to strain your eyes to spot them.

All this plotting has gotten me hungry.

Uhm.. yeah, that's all I have to say. 8D;
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keep cool, my babies 08:39 pm

stay out of trouble *limps off to bed, tired like woah
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FFVII plot 11:14 pm
Since we only have FF7 characters that were in KH, we've got that part covered. Cid, Yuffie, Aerith and Cloud all grew up in Hollow Bastion, they can't remember anything about Midgar and whatever because that was a past life.

However, if someone joins as either Tifa, Barret, Vincent etcetera, here's what I thought; when the Heartless attacked the FF7 world, they could've been sucked into the Lifestream and chucked out at various times or places in Traverse. Each case will of course be discussed with the new player and any players involved before approved, so that everyone's clear on how the situation is, how much the Lifestream people remember and so on.

As for Hollow Bastions; when it was destroyed by the Heartless and they fled, they made a deal to meet up in Traverse if separated. Which was what happened with Cloud. He landed on some godforsaken planet and had no means of getting to Traverse Town, so he came to work for Hades who could bring him to Traverse.

Cloud is still bound by his contract with Hades, but is in Traverse because that's his employer's location. Makes sense?

And correct me on any uncorrect KH references o_o
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